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This premium quality heart box comes with a shallow drawer to put your own gift or our handcrafted treats. It comes with a hard acrylic case and the box is reusable. 


Create your own arrangements by choosing a top and bottom layer.  Top heart layer options includes all chocolate or fresh roses. While the bottom drawer can be used to place your own prepared gift, or our basic dipped strawberries or an assortment of our Valentine's treats. 



A) All chocolate (Ferrero Rocher or Lindt Balls)+ your own gift =$140

B) All fresh roses (approx.24) + your own gift = $200

C) All chocolate + dipped strawberries | 18pc for $230  | 24pc for $260

D) All fresh roses + dipped strawberries | 18pc for $290| 24pc for $320

E) All chocolate + assorted treats | 12pc for $205 | 18pc for $235

F) All fresh roses + assorted treats | 12pc for $265 | 18pc for $295


Assortment includes: basic dipped strawberries, earl grey shortcake caramel, chocolate cream cheese heart cakes and macademia nut shortbread cookie.


Basic dipped strawberrry chocolate flavors include: Belgian White, Milk and Dark.


Please contact us directly for any customization or to upgrade dipped strawberry flavors. Unfortunately, this box can not accomodate toppings as the drawer is quite shallow.

Premium flavors (+$0.50/pc): Organic Matcha, Peanut and Salted Caramel

Panoramic Acrylic Heart Box with Drawer

  • Color: Black

    Dimension: 27 x 27 x 24.5 cm

  • All dipped strawberries should be consumed within the first day for ideal freshness. It can be stored up to 2 days in the refridgerator. Best consumed at room temperature when the chocolate has softened. 

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