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Mochi Stuffed Organic Matcha Salted Toffee Cookie

Our infamous salted brown butter oat-based cookies are elevated by stuffing them with milk mochi and pairing it with the slight bitterness of Organic Matcha. Topping for extra texture include white chocolate chips and toffee.


Ingredients: *Organic Whole Grain Gluten-free Oats, Gluten-free flour blend, Butter,, White Chocolate Chips (sugar, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, lecithin (soy), artificial flavour), Glutinous Rice Flour, *Organic Milk, *Organic Eggs, Corn Starch, Sugar, *Organic Matcha, Vanilla, Almonds, Salt.


* Gluten-free.

*Contains nuts (almonds) and dairy. Nut-friendly option available.

*This product is meant to be heated up before serving. It can be consumed at room temperate on the first day but if stored in the refrigerator it needs to be reheated to soften the mochi. It should not be consumed after the 2nd day as the mochi texture will not be desirable. 

We recommend substituting a different item if it can not be enjoyed as intended. 

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