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A sweet blast from the past. Who remembers the nostalgic dunkaroos? Mini bite sized vanilla graham cookies dipped in vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles. 

We've recreated this 90's favorite, using our brown butter oat cookies, paired with a refreshing light cream cheese almond dip. Delicious and fun! Dunk and Scoop em. 

These can be purchased separately or found in our small to medium sized assortment boxes. Click this link for individual bags.

Ingredients: *Organic Certified Canadian Whole Grain Oats, Gluten-free Flour Blend, Icing Sugar, Cream Cheese, Whipped Cream (Water, 22% Hydrogenated Coconut and Palm Kernel Oil, Glucose-fructose, Corn Syrup, Sodium Caseinate, Polysorbate 60, Natural and Artifical Flavour, Sorbitan Monosearate, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Colour), Butter, Sugar, *Organic Eggs, Rainbow Sprinkles (Sugar, Cornstarch, Colour, Carnauba Wax), Vanilla Extract, Almond Extract, Salt. 

*Contains Dairy. 

*Nut-Free & Gluten-free.

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